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Commercial Cleaning

Rhino introduces dynamic commercial cleaning services to meet your standards. Our first concern is all about our workers and client’s protection and safety.

We focus on ethical standards, professional attitude, responsiveness, high-quality cleaning services and more importantly, cost-efficiency. Our cleaning staff are well-prepared cleaners and are assigned to crystal clear districts to ensure consistency in our services.

Also, we provide customized uniforms for all our clients based on the nature of the business we are cleaning.


  • Retail spaces
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Storage facilities
  • Buildings
  • Share spaces
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Commercial premises and office spaces
  • Hotels
  • Medical facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Events Organizations & Exhibitions Centers
  • Shopping centers, Malls and apartment buildings
  • Universities, School & All Education Institutes

Commercial Cleaning Team

Whether your office is small or huge, you still have to keep it clean and organized. Here at Rhino, we provide cleaning services for all sorts of commercial organizations. We provide a cleaning team who will work according to your needs and planning. They will appear in your designed area with the necessary tool and equipment to make your office clean as new.

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