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School Bus Assistants

Rhino offers a huge team of professional female bus assistants to educational institutions in the UAE (United Arab Emirate). These professional females are with over 12 years of experience, at extremely competitive rates.

All our assistants are restricted to follow the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) safety guidelines and certifications in order to carry out the necessary tasks. Such restrictions are made to ensure your children's safety.

On regular basis we check the background and health of our staff before allowing them to start working on a school bus.


  • Assisting drivers in conducting bus evacuation drills
  • Assisting in guiding and controlling student behavior
  • Tending to the special needs and conditions of each student
  • Learning bus routes, schedules, and pickup points
  • Assisting substitute drivers with directions
  • Assisting students on and off buses
  • Keeping buses clean and tidy every day
  • Helping the students cross the road
  • Ensuring that all student passengers, including those in wheelchairs and/or braces, are properly secured in their assigned seats or wheelchair slots
  • Staying updated with route and bus stop changes and student daycare arrangements

School Bus Assistants For Your Kids

School busses mean children and children are not easy to handle. We provide qualified and responsible school bus assistants to assist school bus drivers. They know all the updated school district policies. If any mishap occurs, bus assistants can help students in boarding and evacuating buses in order to keep them safe.

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